Insulation or a heat pump on your rates.

UPDATE: the South Waikato District Council’s Warm Homes Clean Air programme has been paused until further notice, but does not affect applications in progress.

The Council’s Warm Homes Clean Air programme has been a success in helping members of our communities improve the warmth of their homes and clean up the air, especially in Tokoroa. The Council lends money to homeowners for the improvements, and this is paid back through their rates bills. The Government has recently made changes to the requirements for organisations that lend money to consumers. The Council’s Warm Homes Clean Air programme will be paused while the Council reviews its processes and how it delivers this important service to its communities.

What does this actually mean?

Since the government made changes to the lending laws, and Council is effectively lending money to ratepayers to change over to clean heating in their homes, Council needs to ensure that it is complying with the lending laws.

What happens now?

The programme is on hold while an independent review is undertaken. All installs already in process will continue. Any new applications will go on hold and sit on the waiting list until the programme can resume.

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