See the latest Rental Bond data from Tenancy Services about market size, tenant mobility and average weekly rents by region.

The latest Rental Bond Data from Tenancy Services paints a picture of the size, mobility and rents for the latest Tenancy Agreements & Bonds.

Every month Tenancy Services released data about the rental bonds they hold including the movement in bonds closed, bonds lodged and median rents by region. This data is a useful barometer for property management companies as to a) changes in the number of rentals available in your region b) the market size in your region allowing you to estimate your market share c) average rents for new tenancies in your region.

The data presented here has been adjusted by Brightr to reflect the pattern of delayed lodgements and closed bonds in the three most recent months.

Brightr Rental Bond Analysis - May 2022

  • The adjusted* number of Active Rental Bonds held by Tenancy Services in May‘22 was 0.52% higher than May 2021 (+2011) indicating that a decline in rental ownership as a result of Healthy Homes Standards has not eventuated.
  • Closed Rental Bonds in May ‘22 were 13.6% down on May ‘21 and New bonds lodged in the month were similarly down 13.7%. These declines suggest a level of tenant immobility likely resulting from recent increases in rental prices and also cost of living.
  • The Median Rent associated with new bonds lodged with Tenancy Services in May 2022 was $543 which is 8.6% higher than May 2021 but slightly down on April this year.
  • The Healthy Homes Standards apply to all new Tenancy Agreements from 1 July 2021. This data revels an estimated 128,144 rental agreements to May '22 and a projected first full year of 140,000 agreements for compliant properties to the end of June.

Active Rental Bonds

May 22 Active Bonds

Median Rent for New Tenancies

Median Rent By Region by Month

Bonds Closed & Lodged

Lodged Vs Closed Chart
Rental Bonds Closed and  Lodged Table

Information here on the latest market rents in your suburb or town over the last six months. The regional data above is for the latest reported month only.

Healthy Homes Standards for Rentals

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  • The data above is an analysis of data from Tenancy Services Bond Database.
  • Lodgements are attributed to the month the tenancy commences not when the bond is lodged.
  • Landlords have 23 working days to lodge a bond with Tenancy Services, the bond lodgements are then processed which may take 10-15 working days.
  • Tenancy Services releases the data from their bond database approximately a month and a half after the end of the period.
  • There can be a couple of months delay in landlords lodging or withrawing bonds so the data can change over the subsequent 2-3 months.

* Brightr applies an adjustment factor to the most recent 3 months data reflecting an established pattern of delayed lodgements and closed bonds.

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