6 ways to use heat pumps efficiently in summer

How air conditioning needn't be expensive.

17 October 2022

Modest heat pump use needn't blow out your summer power bills.

New Zealanders are well accustomed to using energy efficient heat pumps for winter heating yet in summer we focus on open doors and windows and when that's not enough we have a tendency to suffer the high temperatures rather than turn the heat pump on.

It is an energy-saving kiwi approach we endorse - but when the sweltering heat gets too much we have 6 tips to help keep your heat pump energy use down:

  1. Use curtains during periods of direct sunlight through windows.
  2. Before you turn on the air conditioning, use windows & doors to create a cross-breeze through the house to blow out the heat that has built up and lessen the work that your heat pump has to do.
  3. Don’t set the temperature lower than you need. When heating the thermostat is usually set at 19-21˚C but for cooling start setting it at 21 - 22˚C and adjust from there. Remember: a room won't cool any faster by setting a lower temperature.
  4. Try the Dehumidifying or Fan Only mode. This mode is more energy efficient than the full cooling mode and the reduced humidity or air-flow may be sufficient to make you comfortable.
  5. For bedrooms, if your heat pump has a timer consider turning it on for just a couple of hours, starting half an hour before you go to bed – that should be sufficient to get you to sleep in comfort.
  6. Clean the filter. Any appliance with a filter will operate more efficiently with a clean filter lowering running costs.

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