Breathe easy. 10 tips for a healthier home.

13 September 2020

A warm, dry home doesn’t just feel comfortable, it’s a lot better for your health as well. Here are 10 simple tips for creating a healthier home that will also save you money and energy.

Inside your home

  • Dry washing outdoors rather than indoors whenever possible. If using the dryer, make sure it’s vented to the outside.
  • Outside-vented extraction fans in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry are cheap to run and help reduce moisture.
  • Air your home regularly by opening doors and windows to create a cross draught and leave wardrobes slightly open for ventilation.
  • Use lids on pots when cooking to reduce moisture and save energy.
  • Install a shower dome to stop steam escaping into your bathroom.
  • Avoid unflued gas heaters as they release large amounts of moisture and toxic gases into your house.
  • Keep furniture 10cm away from external walls (especially uninsulated walls) to avoid mould growing in winter.

Outside your home

  • Check for blocked or leaking downpipes and gutters and ensure downpipes connect to storm water drains.
  • Check that there are vents on all sides of the house in the subfloor walls and uncover any vents blocked by plants, soil or pest barriers.
  • A ground moisture barrier (thick polythene sheeting) under your house keeps the moisture in the ground and stops the air under the floor from getting damp.
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