Clean filters are essential for efficiency

Any appliance with air flow needs clean filters to operate efficiently so regular filter cleaning is necessary.

15 March 2022

Keeping appliance filters clean is essential for energy efficiency, health and safety.

Whether it's your heat pump, home ventilation system, vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, kitchen extractor or dehumidifier - all of these appliances rely on air flow and the more clogged the filter is, the less efficient, healthy and safe they are. Keep filters clean to keep operational costs low.

Heat pump filter cleaning

Regular maintenance of heat pumps is needed to improve efficient operation but also to prevent mould and pollen accumulating. Cleaning the filter needn't be difficult - in fact EECA has a handy video showing just how it's done. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning every two weeks during high-use periods.

Ventilation system filter changes

We recommend SmartVent Ventilation systems which have easy DIY filter replacements to keep your costs down. You can pick up replacement filters yourself or contact us to do a complete ventilation filter replacement and service of your ventilation system.

Clothes dryer filter fleaning

It may seem a nuisance but the filter of your clothes dryer needs cleaning after each use. Failure to clean the filter will lengthen the drying time, cost you more money, cause over-heating that may damage clothes and be a fire hazard.

Cleaning the filter every 5th cycle could double the drying time while every 9th cycle is estimated to triple drying time (source: Electrolux Clothes Dryer User Manual).

Dehumidifier filter cleaning

Emptying your dehumidifier can be almost enjoyable as you realise how much moisture has been taken out of the air in your home. But there's also a filter there that needs regular attention. A bit like Heat Pumps - the location or the filter and cleaning instructions will vary a little by model - and similar to heat pumps the result will be more energy efficient performance.

Kitchen extractor filters

A kitchen rangehood typically has aluminium style filters designed to collect grease and debris. To allow the hood to effectively remove steam, heat and fumes from your home - regular filter cleaning is needed. Check your manual and follow the instructions specific to your model. Usually the metal filters pop out quite easily, can be soaked in soapy water for a period and gently scrubbed with a plastic brush. Most (but not all) can then be put through a dishwasher for an extra clean before drying and popping back into place. Simple.

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