24 January 2022

This update let's you know how we can help you and keep your safe at the various COVID alert settings.

Keeping safe around COVID 19

Your safety is paramount as we and New Zealand face the challenges of the Omicron variant.

We have full procedures developed to keep both you and our team members safe during our visits. Some of the core principles and what you can expect are detailed below.

  • Field Staff Double Vaccinated: Irrespective of your vaccination status, all our field service teams are double vaccinated to limit transmissability of the virus.
  • Health Check Call: We will call or text you the day prior to your scheduled visit to check that you and your household are all feeling well, and confirm our arrival time. If anyone is unwell or in isolation then we will reschedule your visit.
  • Sanitise Hands: Our team member will only be attending your appointment if they are well and on arrival will sanitise their hands before approaching your home.
  • Safety on Arrival: On arrival at your home we will wear a mask, knock and step back 1+ metres until you answer. After introducing ourselves, because health can change overnight, we’ll check once more that you are all still well.
  • Physical Distancing: Throughout their time at your property our team members will maintain a 1-2 metre distance from you and there is no need for you to be in the same room as them if you’d prefer not to be. For insulation in particular, much of our time will be spent in the roof or underfloor.
  • Face Masks: disposable face masks will be worn and are compulsory if physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • PPE: Our team will have our usual range of protective equipment appropriate to the work they normally do plus extra COVID-19 measures. Please let us know if you feel vulnerable and would like extra precautions.
  • Low/no Touch: There are very few interior surfaces to be contacted during our visit - mainly access hatches to ceilings & underfloor and some walls or ceilings for measuring rooms or fitting vents and heat pumps.

What we ask of you

  • If you become unwell before we arrive, please don’t hesitate to call. We will reschedule your visit for once you’re well again.
  • If you have young children in your home it is important that they are kept away from the work areas and our team. In addition any dogs on the property must be restrained before we arrive.
  • We ask that you also support the 1 metre physical distancing as well. You are welcome to move to other rooms from where we are measuring or even enjoy a cup of coffee outside in the sun until we are done. It is completely your call.

This is just an overview of our COVID-19 Safety Approach and we hope this gives you some comfort around the safety of our visit to your home.

Kiwis helping Kiwis by Phone

Being stuck at home we all become more aware of the health, comfort and energy efficiency of our homes and we're on hand to answer your questions and provide estimates on solutions.

If you are anxious about having someone come to your home to measure up and provide a quote then:

  • Our Customer Care Team are operating normal hours for initial advice and scheduling or re-scheduling of appointments.
  • We can do consultations by phone or video. Our Sales Advisors can provide a full consultation, discuss options and provide estimates on what you need to improve your home.
  • If you decide to proceed we can schedule brief and contactless pre-site checks and schedule the installation.
    • All our field staff are at least double vaccinated.
    • Contactless installations of insulation can be undertaken because our teams are largely in your ceiling space or underfloor. We have full Health & Safety protocols and will call you the day before your appointment for a Health Check.

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