Heat Pump Subsidy - 10 things you should know

Brightr now has Heat Pump subsidies for eligible homes nationwide.

10 June 2022

EECA's Warmer Kiwi Homes Programme has 80% heat pump subsidies for eligible homes.

Brightr is an approved provider throughout New Zealand so we've created a quick summary of 10 things you need to know.

Heat Pump Subsidies - What you need to know.

1. The subsidy is for 80% of the cost to install a heat pump up to $3,000.

2. The subsidy is only for homes built pre 2008.

3. The subsidy is for Community Service Card holders but not only Community Service Card holders.

4. EECA have also targeted homes in the 30% of neighbourhoods in most need. It is address based and very specific.

5. You can check your eligibility by submitting your address - we'll call you back to let you know.

6. The heat pump must be for your main living room.

7. You must not already have an operational heat pump, central heating system, flued gas heater, wood or pellet burner in any living area of your home.

8. To get a heat pump grant your home must be verified as being insulated to EECA's required standard.

9. Brightr is an approved provider for BOTH insulation and heat pumps so we can assist you from end to end.

10. Brightr has an instalment plan for your 20% share of the cost can be split into up to 24 equal interest free payments.

Brightr makes it easy:

  • Check: We'll check by phone to see if you or your home are eligible.
  • Visit: We'll visit you for free to assess your home and measure up what it needs - both insulation and/or heating.
  • Quote: We'll give you an obligation free quote. There is no commitment or cost to you until you accept a quote.
  • Install: We'll install your insulation or heat pump.
  • Spread Payments: We'll let you pay your share over up to 24 months.

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