04 December 2013

Kiwi Innovation for Wireless Power Transfer

Whether it's charging hand-held devices or electric cars, two Kiwi Professors are at the forefront of wireless Inductive Power Transfer.

Professors Grant Covic and John Boys were awarded the 2013 Prime Minister’s Science Prize for their work developing Inductive Power Transfer.

The technology centres on powering devices without cables and has particular application to the powering of electric cars.  Instead of having to plug in electric cars they would simply need to park over an inductive power circuit and could potentially in the future draw the power they need from inductive power technology embedded in the road. This exciting technology has huge potential for many applications including road lighting, heart pacemakers and of course the proliferation of hand-held devices and appliances.

Earlier this year the two Professors received the "Researcher Entrepreneur Award" in the 2013 KIwiNet Awards and spoke about their difficulties in getting support for their innovative ideas which were initially considered crazy and overly ambitious. View the video below or listen to their more recent interview with National Radio.   In the interview John Boys expresses his 20 year vision of their technology being in roads and highways around the world with green power for vehicles.

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The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) is a consortium of Universities, Crown Research Institutes and Crown Entities dedicated to taking a collaborative approach to research commercialisation.

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