Smart Energy Tip - Using Clothes Dryers in Winter

23 August 2020

A standard 5kg clothes dryer costs around $1.05 per load if you use it during the colder months*.

When considering investing in a clothes dryer, here's some great tips:

  • Make sure your dryer is vented to the outside so the moisture doesn't make the house damp.
  • Try not to use indoors airing racks or clothes dryers that vent into your house. The moisture in the clothes will end up in your home.
  • If you’re going to use your dryer regularly, look for a model with an auto-sensing feature. Auto-sensing prevents over-drying which saves electricity and is also better for your clothes.
  • Thoroughly spin-dry the clothes in your washing machine first. It takes a lot less electricity to spin water out of clothes than it does to heat it out.
  • Clean the lint filter on your dryer after each load.

Make sure your home is well ventilated - contact us today to book your free home energy assessment to find out how.


*Source: EECA - Using a 5kg capacity 3 star rated dryer.

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