Ready to Switch off for Holidays?

19 December 2020

Before you switch off and travel away on holidays - remember to switch off around the office and home.

While you're away from the office many appliances and technology are burning up power for no real need. Keep power bills and energy use to a minimum through the holiday break with these quick tips.

Around the Office

  • Switch off (or turn right down) any air conditioners.
  • Switch all lights off.
  • Turn off personal computers (unless needed) and monitors.
  • Turn any photocopiers or printers off.
  • Turn off boiling water systems in your canteens (ZIPs) (where possible).

Around Home

  • Switch off all appliances that have stand-by lights at the wall. Many dishwashers, kettles, washing machines, dryers, TVs will use a small amount of power even when not in use.
  • Check if your fridge has a "holiday" mode and activate it if so (it reduces the defrost cycle while you're away).
  • Turn off all chargers, home computers, laptops and printers at the wall.
  • If you're leaving an internal light on as a security measure make it one on a timer or invest in an LED bulb. Chances are it's your regular security.
  • Switch off excess heat in your home by (at least partially) pulling curtains while you're away.
  • If you're away for an extended period of time consider switching off your water cylinder. Remember you'll come back to tepid water. If you have an iSmart Hot Water Controller, set it to 'Holiday" mode while you are away.

Note: If in doubt about turning an appliance and piece of technology off, check the manual or your IT Manager.

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