01 August 2021

Air quality plays a big part in maintaining the comfort and healthiness of your home.

Fogged up windows, mould on curtains and shoes and musty smells when the house has been closed up are all signs of moist and stale air. The good news is that installing a home ventilation system can improve your health and protect your home from damage caused by damp, mould and mildew.

Brightr is one of New Zealand’s top SmartVent installers and right now, we can install an advanced, SmartVent ventilation system in your home with this special, interest-free offer.

What's so smart about SmartVent?

Rather than just move air in and out of your house, SmartVent's systems use temperature sensors to continuously monitor the air inside and outside, adjusting the airflow to ensure your home remains dry and comfortable. Some models also have humidity sensing and a smart tablet that manages the settings too!

Feel the Difference.

Our customers love SmartVent's affordable and intelligent ventilation systems and right now, you can have one installed in your home from just $80 a month, interest free, over 24 months*.

Let us calculate the ventilation requirements of your home to help you choose the right SmartVent model. Just give us a call on 0800 888 766 - we’ll come to you.

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