We all want lower power bills - here's how.

It's quite simple to start saving on power bills.

Whether it's to save money or save the planet - everyone wants a lower power bill. The essence of our philosophy is that the four natural steps in order are: conservation, saving on power, energy efficiency then generation.

4 steps: conserve, buy well, be efficient, generate.

We believe there are four steps to saving on your power bills.

  1. Conserve energy: This means avoiding wasteful use - switching off, lowering temperatures and generally reducing your power consumption via habits.
  2. Save on power while you pay: With a One Smart Energy Account you'll have access to an interest free instalment plan for home energy efficiency products - because that's step 3.
  3. Improve energy efficiency: Use as little power as possible to do what needs to be done. The areas to focus on - because they use the most power - are thermal comfort (heating & cooling), water heating, major appliances and lighting. These products often have a quick return on investment.
  4. Energy generation: Once your home's energy wastage has been limited then power generation assets like solar PV or solar hot water can make sense.

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