Terms of our Interest Free Payment Plan

One Smart Energy Account and Interest Free Payment (IFP) Plan Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 These terms apply in addition to our standard terms and conditions of sale and any other specific terms and conditions that apply to goods and services that we supply to you. Where these terms apply they form part of the agreement between us (and references to "this agreement" in our standard terms and conditions of sale will include these terms).

2. One Smart Energy Account

2.1 If you wish to establish a One Smart Energy Account you must complete, sign and return to us your Home Energy Offer and provide us with such additional information we request from you to allow us to run a credit check, and we may approve or not approve your eligibility for any goods and services at our discretion. Please see our Privacy Policy for details about how we manage and use your personal information.

2.2 If you establish a One Smart Energy Account with us, then: (a) you are required to pay instalments, charges and fees (including late payment fees and collection fees, if applicable) via direct debit from a specific bank account (payments made via direct debit are subject to the Terms & Conditions for Instructions to Accept Direct Debits); (b) we reserve the right to at any time refuse to provide credit in respect of any particular good or services provided by us, at our discretion; (c) we reserve the right to decide which goods or services we supply to you; and (d) if we do agree to supply goods or services to you, that supply will be governed by the applicable terms and conditions notified by us.

2.3 For payments by direct debit, you must ensure that the bank account you have authorised us to direct debit money from has sufficient clear and accessible funds to cover all payments to us at the time for payment. Provided that we have given you the required notice, we may deduct any money you owe us from any bank account you have authorised us to direct debit money from.

3. Interest Free Payment – How it works

3.1 If you are eligible for Interest Free Payment (IFP) in relation to the purchase price of any eligible solution, then we will allow you to repay, without charging you any interest, the unpaid portion of that purchase price in equal instalments on your One Smart Energy Account over the period and with the frequency that we agree with you (IFP Period). The IFP instalments will depend on the price of the eligible solution, how much is paid upfront, the frequency of the payments and the IFP Period.

3.2 Title in the goods that are the subject of the IFP will pass to you at the time we deliver them to you as part of an eligible solution, and from that time you will own those goods and they will be your responsibility and at your risk.

4. Eligibility

4.1 IFP will only be available to:

(a) individual customers who own and occupy a property, in relation to eligible solutions that we supply to that home; and

(b) certain other customers and any eligible solution that we supply to them if (but only if) we first agree, at our discretion, to extend the IFP to the particular customer and that solution, which agreement must be recorded in writing and may be subject to other conditions and criteria we may specify.

4.2 Eligibility for IFP will be subject to credit approvals and any other criteria that we specify from time to time.

4.3 IFP can only be used for eligible solutions that are purchased by customers:

(a) who take an eligible plan with us for the ongoing supply of services to you (Services Plan); or

(b) separate from any ongoing supply of services but are otherwise eligible, as notified by us (Product-Only IFP).

We will nominate the solutions and the Services Plans that are eligible for IFP, and reserve the right to change these at any time.

4.4 We may limit the total amount that can be subject to the IFP and we may require a minimum upfront payment from you to qualify for IFP (which may vary depending on the eligible solution and the Services Plan you select, or if you are subject to a Product-Only IFP, and can be varied by us from time to time).

4.5 If you are eligible for and accept a Product-Only IFP and you fail to pay us an amount under our agreement with you when due:

(a) at our option, your outstanding balance on your Product-Only IFP will become immediately due and payable to us in full (we will notify you if we decide to take this option);

(b) for payments by direct debit, we may at our sole discretion apply a late payment fee of $15 (Late Payment Fee) each time we debit your bank account for an instalment that is due but not received;

(c) we may attempt to process any failed debit again, and each failed attempt may incur a Late Payment Fee; and

(d) we can exercise any other right we may have at law or under our agreement with you to collect your outstanding balance.

5. Invoicing and Repayment

5.1 Your IFP instalment will be charged in addition to any fees and charges payable for any other goods and services that we supply to you, including those under your Services Plan (if any), incurred under your One Smart Energy Account. We may invoice your IFP instalments and any other fees and charges payable by you together in one invoice or separately at our discretion and depending on the frequency of instalments.

5.2 You must repay the IFP instalments over the IFP Period or we may suspend your One Smart Energy Account.

5.3 You are not allowed to suspend payments of the IFP instalments, and you cannot return to us the goods that we supplied as part of the eligible solution.

5.4 If you cease to have an eligible solution or Services Plan for any reason, then you agree to immediately repay us any outstanding balance on your IFP. If you transfer from one eligible Services Plan to another eligible Services Plan, or switch from a Product-Only IFP to an eligible Services Plan, then your IFP instalments can continue on the same basis.

5.5 You remain liable for the IFP instalments despite any loss of, damage to, or other problem with, the solution or any goods supplied to you as part of that solution.

5.6 We may, acting reasonably and in good faith, allocate payments we receive from you against any other amounts that you owe to us that have not been paid in full by the due date. This may cause your IFP instalment to remain unpaid and put you in breach of your obligation to pay those instalments.

6. General

6.1 You cannot transfer the IFP to another person unless we agree in writing.

6.2 If you sell your home (if you were a home owner at the time we agreed you were eligible for the IFP), or the other conditions and criteria under which we agreed you were eligible for the IFP otherwise change in any respect that we regard as material to us, you must repay the outstanding balance of the IFP unless we agree otherwise in writing. At your request, we can transfer your IFP to another home you own (which we would do only if you continue to have a One Smart Energy Account, and your IFP otherwise remains eligible in accordance with the criteria outlined at clause 4 above).

6.3 We reserve the right to review the amounts that have been added to customer accounts. If an incorrect amount has been charged, we will contact you before correcting any amounts on your One Smart Energy Account.

6.4 We reserve the right to withdraw the IFP from the market without notice or make changes to the IFP by posting them on our website. Changes will not apply to any existing IFP that a customer is already using, unless those changes are first agreed with that customer.