Ducted Heat Pumps.

If you're looking for comfortable temperatures throughout your home then a ducted heat pump system may be right for you.

It's widely known that heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient options for electric heating - but adding a standard wall mounted unit to multiple rooms in your home can be an expensive exercise. Depending on the style of your home, installing a ducted heat pump may be a better option.

What is a ducted heat pump?

A ducted heat pump uses air ducts in your roof space or underfloor to discreetly deliver heating & cooling to multiple rooms.

A zoning system can be used to control heating/cooling to individual rooms so that unused rooms can be excluded or activated as required.

The benefits of a ducted heat pump.

  1. Whole home comfort - walk from one room to another without a complete climate change.
  2. Consistent - more even heating and cooling of large open-plan areas with vents spread around the space.
  3. Aesthetic - discreet ceiling (or floor) air vents rather than a large heat pump unit on the wall or floor.

FAQs about ducted heat pumps.

What type of home suits a ducted heat pump?
  • New homes & renovations: It's more cost efficient to install at time of building or renovating.
  • Homes where the heated rooms are not too spread out. Greater ducting is required otherwise and some energy efficiency is lost.
  • Homes with a large ceiling cavity to allow easy installation of the heat pump unit and ducts.
What if I don't have a ceiling cavity?

If you don't have sufficient roof space then a ducted heat pump may be able to be installed under your house and use floor vents to introduce heat to the rooms. The underfloor area would need to be dry and have sufficient airflow for the heat pump unit.

How much does a ducted heat pump system cost?

Ducted heat pump systems must be designed for individual homes reflecting size and unique installation circumstances. The price for a ducted system with four vents and a standard installation is from $8,893. This installed cost is based on the Mitsubishi PEAD-RP71JAA with a standard installation.

Will a ducted system ventilate my home?

A ducted heat pump is not a ventilation system but we do have options that can be integrated with your ducted heat pump to provide a ventilation solution.

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