Floor Console Heat Pumps vs High Wall Heat Pumps

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Floor Console Heat Pumps

The most common form of heat pump in New Zealand is known as a "high-wall" because that's where it's installed but there are also heat pump options that stand on the floor - these are known as floor consoles.

Floor Console Heat Pump Benefits

  • Can be installed below windows on an external wall.
  • The Piping to the outside unit can run under floor.
  • Faster heating because your sitting at the same level as the unit.
  • Can be more discrete than a heat pump on the wall.
  • Easy filter cleaning.

Floor Console Brands

We are an approved installer of floor console heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric and Panasonic with installation teams all around New Zealand. Mitsubishi Electric have a Hypercore model which is guaranteed to perform even at temperatures as low as 15°C which is great for the South Island and the Central Plateau.

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