Heat Pumps when it's Freezing

Heat Pump Performance at low temperatures

When temperatures fall, not all heat pumps rise to the challenge. The colder it gets, the more important it is for your heat pump to operate at its best. Yet not all heat pumps perform well when the mercury drops close to zero. Some models will rise to the challenge when it’s extra-cold, while others not only underperform, but also ramp up your heating bills.

Up to $5010* in savings over the life of a heat pump

EECA and Gen Less have a database of heat pump manufacturer data including their heating capacity at 7°C as well as at 2°C so you can compare. They also show the difference in running cost for different regions. Here at Brightr, we compared the performance of eight models of heat pump from different brands at 7°C and 2°C, in three locations: Queenstown, Christchurch and Rotorua.
The differences are substantial. When it falls to 2°C in Queenstown, the best-performing models have up to 68% more heating capacity and save up to $5010 in running costs over 10 years.

Two of the very best brands for performance near, or even below, zero are Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. These two Japanese companies each have their own unique technology to deliver excellent efficient heating when it's freezing outside.

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Brightr accurately measures the capacity required for your room using a calculator that adjusts for climate to select the best heat pump for you so that your still warm on a near zero frosty morning without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Annual Heating Running Costs 3.2kW Heat Pumps

  • All bar one model listed have a higher rated capacity at 2°C versus 7°C.
  • Brilliantly, both Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Electric are rated at over 4 kW at 2°C resulting in the lowest annual heating costs.
  • The difference between the first and the last on this list over a ten year life of the appliance is a saving of $1,340 in Queenstown, $680 in Canterbury and $310 in Rotorua.
Cold Climate 3 2 Kw

Annual Heating Running Costs: 8 kW High Wall Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Ap
  • Again both the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Mitsubishi Electric models delivered 8 kW or more at a temperature of 2°C.
  • The latter 4 models on the list are rated at less than 7 kW at 2°C which results in much higher annual heating costs.
  • The difference between the first and the last on this list is a $501 saving per year which is $5010 over a ten year life of the heat pump.
  • Brightr ranges 3 of the top 4 models so is well placed to help you select a suitable option for your home.
Cold Climate 8 0 Kw

Source: EECA Gen Less Efficient Appliance Calculator 30 June 2022 EECA Assumed Hours of use by Region

Disclaimer: The information in the EECA calculator is only a guide to help compare products. Product details and efficiency ratings are supplied by New Zealand manufacturers and importers who have chosen to register products. Products listed on EECA's calculator may not represent all products available to consumers.

Actual Running Costs are affected by many factors including size of room, orientation, actual hours of use, the amount of glazing, position of the heat pump and humidity levels.

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