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Mitsubishi Heat Pumps: Unparalleled Quality and Whisper-Quiet Operation

When it comes to heat pumps, Mitsubishi Electric is a name that shines brightly in New Zealand. Renowned for their exceptional performance and remarkably quiet operation, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are designed to thrive in both hot and cold climates. With their cutting-edge Hypercore technology, these heat pumps excel even at low temperatures, ensuring optimal comfort in any season.

Mitsubishi Electric: Quality and Innovation

At Brightr, we stand by the superior quality and advanced technology offered by Mitsubishi Electric. Their unwavering commitment to rigorous factory testing and continuous research and development sets them apart as one of our highly recommended brands. The Mitsubishi Electric range features a variety of options, including wall heat pumps, floor consoles, and the elegant Designer Series, available in striking red, black, or white to make a statement in your home.

Experienced Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installers Covering Auckland to Queenstown

Brightr has been proudly installing Mitsubishi Heat Pumps across the country for years, from bustling Auckland to the picturesque regions of Otago & Queenstown. Our extensive experience allows us to assist you in selecting the perfect Mitsubishi Heat Pump model for your home. We offer free advice, conduct sizing calculations, and provide no-obligation quotes tailored to your specific needs.

Simplify Your Purchase: Experience the Ease of Buying a Quiet Mitsubishi Heat Pump

At Brightr, we believe in making your heat pump purchase a breeze. With our range of quiet Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, you can enjoy superior comfort without any hassle. Experience the difference today and discover why Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps have become a top choice for Kiwi homes.

Contact us now to benefit from our expertise and take the first step towards a more comfortable and serene living environment with Mitsubishi Heat Pumps.

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Mitsubishi Heat Pumps - Series and models

Mitsubishi has a great range of wall and floor console heat pumps and we can help you choose the best option for your home.The Mitsubishi Electric models include the following series:

Mitsubishi Electric AP Series

An affordable range that's still packed with features including a 7 day programmable controller and a wide and long airflow that extends the airflow to warm every corner of the room.

Mitsubishi Black Diamond Series

This is a sleek fashionable design for modern homes - in fact it won the international iF product design award. It also has Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi control and is available in white, silver or black.

Mitsubishi RapidHeat Floor Mounted Series

Designed for discreet, heating at floor level. With RapidHeat technology the Mitsubishi floor consoles achieve optimal running temperatures quickly and they are also the quietest floor console models in NZ.

Mitsubishi Hypercore Series

This outstanding series gives the best low temperature heating performance. Many heat pumps have a lower heat capacity at 2 degrees C vs at 7 degrees C. But not Mitsubishi which is designed for cold winters and often has a higher heat capacity at 2 degrees and is designed to work at temperatures as low as 15 degrees below zero.

Ecocore AP Series AP202.0kw Cooling / 2.5kw Heating
Ecocore AP Series AP252.5kw Cooling / 3.2kw Heating
Ecocore AP Series AP353.5kw Cooling / 3.7kw Heating
Ecocore AP Series AP424.2kw Cooling / 5.2kw Heating
Ecocore AP Series AP505.0kw Cooling / 6.0kw Heating
Ecocore AP Series AP606.0kw Cooling / 6.8kw Heating
Ecocore AP Series AP717.1kw Cooling / 8.0kw Heating
Ecocore AP Series AP807.8kw Cooling / 9.0kw Heating
Black Diamond LN252.5kw Cooling / 3.2kw Heating in Black or White
Black Diamond LN353.5kw Cooling / 4.0kw Heating in Black, White or Red
Black Diamond LN505.0kw Cooling / 6.0kw Heating in Black, White or Red
Black Diamond LN606.1kw Cooling / 6.8kw Heating in Black, White or Red
Rapidheat KW252.5kw Cooling / 3.4kw Heating
Rapidheat KW353.5kw Cooling / 4.3kw Heating
Rapidheat KW424.2kw Cooling / 5.4kw Heating
Rapidheat KW505.0kw Cooling / 5.8kw Heating
Rapidheat KW606.1kw Cooling / 6.5kw Heating
Hypercore KW505.0kw Cooling / 5.8kw Heating
Hypercore KW606.0kw Cooling / 6.8kw Heating

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and most everywhere in between.

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Finance & Funding

We have a range of finance options to help making your home warmer, drier and more energy efficient. Heat pumps are more economical than most people think - they cost as little as $1.50 a day to run*. Investing in a quality heat pump not only saves you money, but at the touch of a button, creates a more comfortable home.

  • Mortgage Top-Ups for energy efficiency products
  • ANZ 1% p.a. for 3 years up to $80,000
  • ASB Better Homes Loan
  • Westpac Warm Up Loans
  • Q Card Finance

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