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Window and door strips.

If heat can be lost through a solid wall or ceiling - imagine how much is lost through gaps around doors and windows. A quick and cost effective and easy solution to block draughty air gaps are weather strips - foam strips for window and door frames and seals for internal and external doors.

We can visit you and check for any existing ceiling or underfloor insulation, including a ground moisture barrier, to help keep heat in and the moisture out. We'll provide a free quote and let you know what finance options are available.

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You can purchase weather stripping from hardware or DIY stores that can be used around both windows and doors to reduce draughts. Usually self-adhesive, these weather strips are easy to fit yourself.

The Raven window foam strips and brush or automatic door weather seals are enough to stop most draughts.

Products for doors.

  • Raven Door Brush Weather Seal
  • Raven Automatic Door Weather Seal

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