Savings from the sun.

There is enormous enthusiasm in New Zealand to pursue 100% renewable power generation while many homeowners want to gain independence from the power companies and lower household power bills.

Solar energy takes a number of forms and can reduce your energy bill, protect yourself from the rising costs of power, increase the value of your home and reduce your carbon footprint. The key is to carefully evaluate the return on your investment to make a smart energy decision.

The government's EECA site has a solar tool which helps you assess the approximate financial return of solar electricity for your home. Have your latest electricity bill on hand and it will give you a report on how much value you could get from solar. Please note this tool is a guide only to assist you in your decision making.

Are you solar ready?

We do not sell or install solar systems but can check if you are solar ready by having your home as energy efficent as possible. The best form of generation is the type you don't need through smarter energy use.

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