Ventilation Filter Change Service

Does your Ventilation filter need changing?

Ventilation systems are all about air quality and condensation control. It's essential therefore to regularly change the filter to remove pollens, dust, spores, bacteria and dirt that can cause health issues.

Ventilation systems in bedrooms gives 8 hours of breathing fresh, filtered air and can have real health benefits if the filters are regularly changed.

We service Smart Vent ventilations systems and have three specification level of filters for you to choose from:

  • High Grade filter: capture up to 90% of 0.4 micron particles for superb air quality. Requires 12 month change.
  • Charcoal Filter - a charcoal filter removes any smells of stale air from your roof space. Requires 6 month change.
  • HEPA filter - a premium "High Efficiency Particulate Air" ideal for hayfever & asthma sufferers. Requires 6 month change.

Ventilation Service (with 1 standard filter change) $249
Ventilation Service (with 1 Charcoal or HEPA filter change) $349

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Hepa Filter

What we will do - all for only $249.

In Ceiling Space Unit

  • Remove de-grease/dust/wash and rinse the filter cover
  • Remove and replace the filter
  • Check duct terminations for secure connections
  • Check security of fan(s)
  • Check security of sensors
  • Check that the electrical connection/PCU/SSO is secure
  • Test run unit
  • Check for any abnormal sounds or vibrations
  • Check the airflow, and adjust vents as required/requested
  • Check for loud/noisy airflow, adjust dampers as required
  • Check that control box is secure


  • Check for any insect or rodent infestations that could affect warranty
  • Check for rust or degraduation of the unit that may be affecting performance or stability
  • Wall Control/Customer feedback
  • Check security of the wall control box
  • Complete variation report if required and get customer to sign

Schedule a repair call for faulty units still within warranty.

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