Finance options for rentals.

The 5 Healthy Homes Standards states all rentals must be compliant by July 2024 so act NOW.

The regulatory environment for rental properties has changed with the introduction of the mandatory insulation under the Residential Tenancies Act and the recent Healthy Homes Standards.

Landlords and Property Managers have a range of affordable options available to help meet your regulatory requirements for warm, dry and healthy homes for your tenants. We can help with inspection services available to support the compliance of your rental properties with the 5 Healthy Homes Standards for:

  • Insulation compliance
  • Heating compliance
  • Ventilation compliance
  • Ground moisture barrier compliance
  • Draught-stopping inspection
  • Drainage inspection

Act now to avoid fines but also to avoid any damage to your rental property from moisture and damp.

6 ways to finance insulation, heating & more.

1. Councils Voluntary Targeted Rates Programmes

Many local Councils allow insulation (& often clean heating & extractors) to be paid off via Council Rates Payments. The advantage of this is that no new finance agreements need to be made and you have up to 10 years to pay off the insulation. Councils that offer this Voluntary Targeted Rates programme include: New Plymouth, South Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, Dunedin and Clutha. Read More.

2. ANZ 4 year interest-free home loan top up

ANZ Bank offers a 4-year interest-free home loan top up for its mortgage customers. This will allow landlords to get insulation and heat pumps for their rentals on a loan without hassle or interest. Up to two properties can be included.

3. Westpac 5 year interest free loans

The new Westpac Warm Up Loans are interest free and available up to $10,000 over up to 5 years for Westpac home loan customers that meet their standard lending criteria. You can use the loan to finance insulation, heat pumps, double glazing, ventilation or a solar power system. The first step to getting the loan is a quote or invoice from an installer like us.

4. Mortgage top ups

Not with the ANZ, no matter - most banks will allow mortgage holders to top-up their mortgage generally without fees to cover home improvements like insulation, heating and ventilation. A Mortgage Top-Up is lower interest typically than most other forms of finance.

5. Squirrel finance

This is a convenient finance option with quick approval periods. Read more at Squirrel Finance.

6. Q Card and Q Mastercard

We accept Q Card and Q Mastercard which has a monthly interest-free offer on our energy efficiency products so you can start saving money on your power bills. Read more here.

Healthy Homes Standards for Rentals

We can help make your rentals compliant with the new Healthy Homes Standards as well as warmer, drier and healthier for your tenants. Leave your contact details here and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help. We'll coordinate with your tenants and ensure your products are installed safely and your rental investment is protected.

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