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We're experts in retrofitting home insulation: ceiling and underfloor plus ground moisture barriers. We have teams nationwide ready with free advice and quotes on the best insulation solution for your home including Mammoth polyester and Kanuff glasswool products. We've helped over 100,000 NZ homes with insulation advice, products, and installation.

There are not too many homes in New Zealand that Brightr can't provide an insulation solution for. If there is access to your ceiling and underfloor crawl space, then we can retrofit insulation for you!

Retrofitting insulation refers to adding insulation to your home that may have been built without it or your existing insulation is old and no longer provides the thermal insulation your home and family need.

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Retro Insulation with Brightr is your first and best step!

Insulation is the best and first step to a warm, healthy home environment for families. When we install new insulation in your ceiling and underfloor, we enhance overall comfort by regulating temperatures, making winters warmer and summers cooler which means you have a reduced reliance on heating and cooling systems and get a lower power bill each month.

There are health benefits also. A well insulated home reduces moisture and dampness in the air that would otherwise turn into unhealthy mould spores. It also stops draughts that can introduce allergens into your home.

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We have insulation install heroes nationwide. They are professionally trained with the Insulation Association of New Zealand and know what they're doing! So you can rest easy knowing you are getting a great outcome every time.

We're Kiwis, helping Kiwis and we love it.

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Our customers have said...

Your company has done the insulation for the ceiling and underfloor of my house. The job was very well done. We appreciate what you guys have done for us and our house is much warmer now. I have to say thank you to the salesperson and the workers who put the blanket on. They are awesome. They are all very professional, friendly and helpful.

Wei, Wellington

Friendly couple of installers, didn’t stop once – even when offered a cup of tea, I already feel the difference with warmth in my home so great job well done!

Strowan, Christchurch

All good at my end, the guy who did the job was excellent. Not only was he out of here in 3 hours but I checked the work after the fact and it was impeccable. Many Thanks.

John, Auckland

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