Brightr is for more sustainable ways.

Sustainability is in our DNA.

We believe in good energy answers, knowing that energy efficiency is the best form of no-carbon power generation. Simply put, the energy you don't use is the energy that doesn't need to be created. So we've been on a mission to make New Zealand homes more energy efficient since 2009 and Brightr is making it happen, with over 90,000 homes & rental properties across NZ towards becoming more energy efficient, healthier & happier homes.

We're walking the talk.

We're committed to leading by example and are a carboNZero certified organisation.

We constantly endeavour to make better use of energy and commit to annual reductions. We also offset our carbon to neutralise our impact on the environment. Walking the talk continues when we’re not on our feet. Our nationwide sales fleet is well on its way to electrification, we have a take-back programme for insulation off-cuts and have a range of waste reduction programmes involving the total Brightr team.

Our products reduce your power consumption.

Brightr is your backstop against using not losing energy. We supply & install a range of energy efficient products including ceiling & underfloor insulation, on-ground moisture barrier, heat pumps, ventilation systems, hot water management systems, LED downlights & more to help save money on power bills & make your home more comfortable.

We're backing Gen Less to take positive action.

"Gen Less" is the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority's (EECA) initiative to help kiwis get more out of life by using less energy. Gen Less unites individuals, organisations, businesses & the government, to live & work in more climate-friendly ways.

Brightr backs the Gen Less path, choosing to take meaningful, ongoing action to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from energy use.

We’re here to help kiwis invest for better brighter outcomes.

Promoting sustainable insulation.

We recommend Mammoth™ polyester insulation as a sustainable choice

  • Made including fibres recycled from PET plastic
  • Manufactured by a carboNZero certified organisation
  • 100% polyester – non-itch, non-toxic
  • Moisture, mould and mildew resistant
  • Free of formaldehyde binders
  • Fully recyclable at end of use
  • Made in a near zero waste production process
  • Declare Red List Free by the International Living Future Institute
  • Many Mammoth products are also Environmental Choice certified
  • Mammoth insulation products have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of zero.

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