1 Million sqm Insulation Installed

26 May 2023

Brightr is celebrating a milestone achievement with well over 1 Million Square Meters of Insulation Installed in homes around New Zealand last year!

Brightr insulation teams did the hard mahi in roof spaces, underfloors and in new homes installing over 1.2 million sqm of insulation in the last financial year, making a significant commitment to improving the health, comfort, and energy efficiency of new and existing Kiwi homes.

Brightr is part of InZone Industries Ltd, a Toitu Carbon Zero organisation committed to reducing carbon emissions from the built environment. Enhancing homes' insulation, we help create warmer spaces during the winter months and cooler during the hot, humid summers. In addition to insulation, Brightr is a leading installer of residential heat pumps, LED downlights, heat transfer and ventilation systems.

We want to thank all our clients, partners, and team members for their unwavering support and dedication. This incredible milestone would not have been possible without your trust and collaboration. Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of Kiwis, one home at a time.

To join us on our energy efficiency mission for your own home, rental or construction project, call 0800 888 766 or Contact Us Online.

1 Million Sqm Insulation

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