05 April 2012

How to check your ceiling insulation

Not sure if you’ve got enough ceiling insulation?

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If you’d like to have a look yourself before we get there, here is a handy ceiling insulation checklist:

  • is there any ceiling insulation?
  • is it thick enough? It should be at least 120mm thick (higher than your ceiling joists) - if it’s not, get your insulation topped up.
  • is it gap-free? There should be no visible gaps between the insulation and the ceiling joists or at joins of insulation pieces and no sections of insulation should compressed, squashed or tucked in.
  • is it dry? Damp insulation is much less effective. If it’s damp, fix the source of the moisture, and remove and replace the affected insulation.
  • is it vermin-free? Vermin infestations (e.g. birds or rodents nesting) can damage your insulation. Get the infestation sorted, and remove and replace the affected insulation.
  • does it cover the whole area? The insulation should cover the entire ceiling, including the manhole cover, except for areas above the eaves, any porches or any garage or other inhabitable space.
  • is it clear of your downlights? There must be a 150 mm safety gap around down lights, and other heat sources, for fire safety reasons - it’s really important to check this occasionally and get it sorted. Consider replacing recessed downlights with non-recessed lights if you want to avoid the heat losses associated with holes in your ceiling and gaps in your insulation.

If there isn’t an accessible ceiling space, talk to Smart Energy Solutions or a qualified builder about whether it is possible to insulate your ceiling.

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