Got Students changing Flats?

The Healthy Homes Standards require all new leases to be compliant within 90 days.

14 December 2021

University's out, many student leases are up over summer - so now's the time to get rentals sorted for the Healthy Homes Standards.

School's Out

After a COVID-19 shutdown when few people were changing flats, are you ready for the great student changeover?

Enjoy your Summer holiday break while we help out with Healthy Homes compliance. Our teams are working right through to 24 Dec and will be back on duty from 10 January to coordinate with your tenants and get insulation, ground moisture barrier, heat pumps and extractors sorted.

We can check your rental property compliance and supply a Healthy Homes Compliance Report by HomeFit to include with your new Tenancy Agreements. Or if you already know what you need and just want a price to get it done - we provide no-obligation quotes and can coordinate with your tenants to measure up.

Email us at with your list of properties where tenancies expire over summer and let us know if it's reports or free product quotes you're needing. Or contact us for more details of how we can help on 0800 888 766.

You'll be ready for parents moving to new school zones and the new university year by getting your rentals assessed in January and February to get them up to standard.

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