We have a winner of our Solar Hot Water System competition!

30 April 2018

Congratulations to Peter from Wellington who won our Solar Hot Water System competition.

"My first reaction was "I don't believe it! I never win anything." As it turned out solar hot water wasn't going to work for me, so I was able to swap my prize to 2 heat pumps and 2 panel heaters. I'm over the moon with the prize and can't wait to put it into our retirement home when we build. I know how good heat pumps are and that they reduce the power bill as I am running one in our current house. 

Thanks Smart Energy Solutions I am looking forward to running your new heat pumps in the near future."

Peter completed our Home Energy Survey which put him into the draw. 

Look out for our latest competition, fill in our Home Energy Survey and you too can be in to win!

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