A warm, dry home is a healthy home

06 August 2020

We all know a cold, damp home is unhealthy, and research shows around 1/3 of kiwis are living in such conditions.

Insulation, heating and ventilation are the first steps to a healthier home.

Most of us know that cold, damp homes are unhealthy to live in and are worse for young children, the elderly or those with respiratory illnesses.

So whether you're living in your own home or a rental property, basic measures like insulation, heating and ventilation can help reduce dampness and mould, and keep the home warmer and drier in winter, cooler in summer.

Research has shown that almost a fifth of hospital admissions of young children with acute respiratory infections could be prevented if their houses were free from damp and mould. They found the children who became ill had significantly higher levels of dampness and mould in their homes, which could be addressed by a number of measures, including better heating, insulation and ventilation. Read more here.

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The benefits of insulation are paramount:

  • DHB Gisborne - most insulated region in the country, and has shown a 75% reduction on hospital admissions. (ref EECA)
  • EECA says “If your house isn't insulated or the insulation is old or needs topping up, you will struggle to stay warm."
  • The government stated a key contributor for eradicating child poverty is a warm and healthy home. Insulation is always the first step to creating a healthy home. (ref EECA)
  • “For elderly, sick and the very young a minimum indoor temperature of 20 degrees C is recommended.” (World Health Organisation 1987).
  • In insulated homes, over $92k a year is saved in hospital admissions for respiratory illnesses*
  • Insulated homes showed a 38% reduction in GP visits (respiratory issues) for people aged 65 and over*
  • Insulated homes showed over 368 days saved in reduced days off school and work due to respiratory illnesses*.

* "A cost-benefit evaluation of housing insulation: results from the New Zealand Housing, Insulation and Health Study” By Dr Ralph Chapman, Associate-Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman, Des O’Dea. October 2004.

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