Smart Energy Tip - Wash Clothes in Cold Water

02 August 2020

Launder for less - cold water washes are the most economical way to wash laundry, and washing powers are so effective these days there's no need for hot washes.

A standard 6kg washing machine used daily costs around $13 a year to run.*.

When considering investing in a washing machine, here's some great tips:

  • Dissolving powder detergents before you add them to the washer will improve performance in cold water.
  • Choose an auto-sensing machine, or adjust the water level to suit the load size.
  • Do a warm wash every five loads or a hot wash every ten loads to remove any dirt and detergent that may build up in the washing machine.
  • Save energy by using cold water to wash your clothes and other lightly soiled loads.
  • Try to wash a full load rather than several smaller loads when possible.

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*Source: EECA's Rightware Tool - 6kg 3 star washing machine, used 7 times a week, cold water wash $13.37p.a running cost VERSUS same in warm water at $85.52p.a (estimates only).

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