FREE Ground Moisture Barrier check for your home

07 October 2020

20 buckets a day. Imagine the damage of that much water pouring into your property daily. Without a ground moisture barrier that might be exactly what's happening.

Ground moisture barrier is polythene sheeting that restricts the evaporation of moisture from the ground into the subfloor space. It needs to be carefully installed, including wrapping part way up the piles to be fully effective and compliant.

Our experts will visit your property and check your underfloor for free.

As underfloor experts, our team can visit your property for free to check your underfloor and see if any of the exemptions for needing ground moisture barrier apply.

If you need a barrier, we’ll provide a competitive quote or if there’s already a barrier in place, we’ll make sure there are no significant holes or tears. We’ll also check that your property's ceiling insulation meets the new thickness standard as well as its heating and ventilation quality.

Get in touch with us today to book a FREE ground moisture barrier check.

Ground vapour barrier with piles

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