1st July deadline - what it means for you.

28 June 2021

From 1 July 2021 all rentals must comply with the Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy.

Complying with all the Healthy Homes Standards comes into force from 1 July 2021 with only 90 days to get work completed for new or renewed tenancies.

Doing inspections right takes up to 90 minutes.

The level of detail required for us to complete a Healthy Homes Inspection can take up to 90 minutes depending on the size and age of the home.

Why? For living room heating each wall, window and door needs to be accurately measured in the Tenancy Services Heating Assessment Tool including adjacent spaces not separated by a door. Each habitable space needs to be checked for size of windows, draughts from gaps greater than the thickness of a $2 coin. Gutters and drains need to be checked.

  • Insulation Inspection (up to 15 minutes)
  • Heating Inspection (up to 30 minutes)
  • Drainage/Moisture Ingress Inspection (up to 15 minutes)
  • Ventilation Inspection (up to 10 minutes)
  • Draught-Stopping Inspection (up to 20 minutes)

We offer a Healthy Homes Inspection service and report to provide you with the information you need for new Tenancy Agreements.

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Tenancy Services Compliance Template.

To see how detailed the requirements are for the Healthy Homes Standard Compliance Template you can view it here.

If you want to know more about the Tenancy Services Healthy Homes Standards, read here.

Info you'll need for Tenancy Agreements.

  • The level of ceiling & underfloor insulation (new ceiling standard is greater than before).
  • The "required heating capacity" using the Tenancy Services Calculation (based on wall and window measurements).
  • Presence and compliance of existing fixed heating devices in the living room that meet the calculated "required heating capacity".
  • Presence or not of externally vented bathroom and kitchen extractors of appropriate size.
  • Adequate window ventilation in kitchen, living, dining and bedrooms including windows that are:
    • openable
    • able to be fixed open and
    • are of a size at least 5% of the floor area of the room.
  • Whether the sub-floor has or needs ground vapour barrier.
  • Adequate gutters and drains.
  • No unreasonable gaps around window, doors, floors, ceiling etc and unused fireplaces blocked off.

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