How was your home this winter?

01 September 2020

Have you been hit with big bills already this winter? You're not alone.

As we look forward to spring and better weather, it’s a great time to reflect what can be done to improve the comfort of our homes and reduce our power & health bills before next year.

  • How many sick days did your family have?
  • Were your power bills high?
  • Were you warm enough? Bedrooms too?
  • Did you get condensation or mould?

A warm, dry home is a healthier home too

When it comes to keeping our homes warm through winter, there’s more to it than simply maintaining creature comforts. Cold and damp houses have a major impact on health – something that’s received a lot of media coverage recently.

As a guide, the World Health Organisation recommends our homes should have an indoor temperature of at least 18˚C or 21˚C if babies or elderly are living in the home. If you struggled this year to maintain a comfortable environment like this in your home, now’s a very good time to act.

3 steps to a warm, healthy home with lower power bills

Step 1: Insulate to keep the heat in

Put simply, insulating your home makes it easier and cheaper to heat. The government sees insulation as so important for home health, it has grants of 80% off insulation available for eligible home owners in limited regions as part of the EECA’s Warmer Kiwi Homes programme*. Learn more to find out if you qualify!

Step 2: Invest in energy efficient heating

After you’ve insulated to stop heat dispersing, a heat pump is among the most energy efficient and economical forms of home heating. There are also great options like WiFi programmable panel heaters perfect for smaller spaces such as bedrooms.

Step 3: Ventilate to reduce damp

For a truly healthy home, you need to reduce the levels of moisture present. An effective home ventilation system will maintain air quality, reducing mould and mildew along the way which are major contributors to respiratory illnesses like asthma. Installing kitchen and bathroom extractors also reduces damp and long term damage to your home.

Bundle up your solutions on finance and save while you pay

Now is the time to make your home healthier, warmer and more comfortable to live in. Package up the solutions you need and start paying for it with the money you save on power. We can let you know about our finance options including 24 months interest-free on our One Smart Energy Account, ANZ Interest-Free Loans, Westpac Interest-Free Loans, Mortgage top-ups, Squirrel Money and Q Card finance can help towards making your home warmer, drier, healthier and more energy efficient now.

Get a Free Home Energy Assessment today

If you’ve struggled to maintain a warm healthy home or you’d just like to get your winter energy bills under control, speak to us. We provide free advice and obligation free assessments and quotes. Just call 0800 888 766 or visit our website to book yours.

*Conditions apply. Home must be built pre-2008 and meet the EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes criteria for low-income homeowners to be eligible. Visit our website for details.

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