NEW Bank Home Loan Top Ups

14 November 2022

Banks such as Westpac, ANZ, BNZ and now ASB offer low or no-interest finance options for insulation, ventilation and more.

Bank Home Loan Top Ups

As of 7th November 2022, ASB has joined Westpac, ANZ and BNZ in providing low/no interest home loan options to help Kiwis live in healthier homes, by announcing their new ‘’Better Homes” loan top-up for more energy efficient homes.

All three banks offer low/no interest home loan top ups for insulation, heat pumps, ventilation systems and so on - payable over a long time frame which lowers the monthly repayment costs.

  • Homeowners: Save on doctors bills, sick leave, mould development in your home and have a warmer healthier family today.
  • Landlords: Make your property compliant with insulation, heat pumps and ventilation and spread the payments.

You can use the following table to compare the different low/no interest plans that are currently offered in the country.

Comparison Chart High Px

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