Home Reno Programme for Kiwi Homes

23 January 2023

"The Homes we Deserve" - A New Initiative to raise the state of existing homes in New Zealand.

Top organisations from the business, sustainability, consumer, heath, building and housing sectors have come together to urge the political parties to prioritise a plan to raise the state of hundreds of thousands of New Zealand homes through a home reno programme, within 6 months of being elected.

The pollution busting housing campaign will address the existing state of many cold, mouldy and damp houses all over the country and transform them into healthy homes for healthier lives. This will also help slash carbon emissions and household bills, while also creating thousands of jobs. A classic win-win situation.

If your organisation is a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council, they can join the call and voice their opinion through - The Homes We Deserve.

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