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Ceiling Insulation for Kiwi Homes.

Up to 35% of heat is lost through the ceiling in winter if you have no insulation in your roof. Retrofitting ceiling insulation will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer and is a requirement for rental properties.
Ceiling insulation in your roof is usually the quickest, cheapest and easiest insulation to retrofit and will make a huge impact on your heating bills by limiting heat loss.

Ceiling Insulation Subsidies

Some homeowners are eligible* for 80%-100% insulation subsidies. Ceiling Insulation subsidies are region specific and T&Cs apply yet we make it easy. See if you're eligible today for ceiling insulation subsidies- no obligation.

Ceiling Insulation Interest Free

Making ceiling insulation affordable, we also help with a range of low/no interest payment options whether or not you're not eligible for subsidies.

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Best ceiling insulation brands.

We only use proven ceiling insulation products that we are confident will last and are backed by significant manufacturer warranties.


Our first choice for ceiling insulation is Mammoth polyester insulation. We favour it because it is NZ made, non-irritant, safe & easy to use, and the polyester fibres have a permanent heat bond that is long lasting. It is also manufactured in a CarboNZero certified organisation.

Pink Batts

Pink Batts glasswool insulation is also made in New Zealand. It is a familiar building material from a trusted manufacturer. Pink Batts has an excellent reputation and has been keeping New Zealand homes warm for over 50 years.

Bradford Gold

Bradford Gold insulation is a trusted brand of glasswool insulation in New Zealand. It is manufactured by CSR in Australia for local use. Bradford Gold is endorsed by the Sensitive Choice Programme of the Asthma Foundation of NZ.

Our Ceiling Insulation products.

  • Mammoth R1.8 Polyester Top-up Ceiling Blanket
  • Mammoth R2.9 Polyester Ceiling Blanket
  • Mammoth R3.2 Polyester Ceiling Blanket
  • Mammoth R3.6 Polyester Ceiling Blanket
  • Mammoth R4.0 Polyester Ceiling Blanket
  • Pink Batts R1.8 Glasswool Ceiling Batts
  • Pink Batts R2.2 Glasswool Ceiling Batts
  • Pink Batts R2.6 Glasswool Ceiling Batts
  • Pink Batts R3.2 Glasswool Ceiling Batts
  • Pink Batts R3.6 Glasswool Ceiling Batts
  • Bradford Gold R1.8 Glasswool Ceiling Blanket
  • Bradford Gold R2.6 Glasswool Ceiling Blanket
  • Bradford Gold R3.2 Glasswool Ceiling Blanket
  • Bradford Gold R3.6 Glasswool Ceiling Segment
  • Bradford Gold R4.0 Glasswool Ceiling Segment

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Pink Batts
Bradford Gold

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Finance & Funding

New Zealand Bank Green Loan

Find out about 'Green Loans' from New Zealand's major banks of up to $50,000 at 0% interest for 5-years

Warmer Kiwi Home's subsidy grant

Mammoth insulation is an approved product for use in the governments Warmer Kiwi Homes Programme with homeowner grants between 80-100% to retrofit ceiling and underfloor insulation in eligible homes. 

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To help in understanding the key aspects of ceiling insulation we've created a handy Factsheet to help you evaluate what you need.

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Ceiling Insulation Reviews

Boys were efficient and hard working, they left with the place tidy and did a excellent job. As soon as I know someone that will benefit from this I will be recommending you.

Noella, Otago

The installers were quick and polite, house trained and professional. The telephone team/admin people were great too. Our house is so much warmer. We will definitely call up the team to do our next home.

Pip, Northland

All good at my end, the guy who did the job was excellent. Not only was he out of here in 3 hours but I checked the work after the fact and it was impeccable. Many Thanks.

John, Auckland

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