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Underfloor insulation improves energy efficiency

More than 10% of the heat from your home can be lost through the floor. It's so important that all rental properties must have underfloor insulation and EECA has subsidies to encourage homeowners to insulate their subfloors too.

Underfloor insulation can reduce draughts as well as dampness as it can limit moisture from rising into the house from a wet or damp crawl space below. Limiting rising damp will create a warmer, drier room, and that's where a ground moisture barrier can also help. If you already have foil insulation, we can remove and upgrade torn or damaged foil.

The best underfloor insulation.

Some insulation doesn't cope as well with the damp conditions under your home and can sag after a period of time becoming less effective.

  • Self-supporting insulation sections: The best underfloor insulation from our persective - Mammoth self-supporting insulation sections. With high R-values, and excellent thermal performance, Mammoth insulation sections are a superior, long-lasting underfloor insulation product.
  • Insulation Blanket: Say goodbye to chilly floors! Insulation blanket is a more affordable option to combat heat loss, keeping your home cozy and energy-efficient. Insulation blankets for underfloor need fixings of some type to hold them in place - most usually stapling.

Why Choose Brightr for Underfloor Insulation?

We have a range of high quality underfloor insulation options and are experts at crawling around under floors installing insulation quickly and safely to make your home warmer without fuss. In the year ending March 2023, Brightr installed over 1 million square meters of insulation!

We can also let you know whether your home also needs a moisture barrier underfloor to avoid excess damp and where necessary can safely remove foil insulation that has lost it's effectiveness by being torn, tarnished, corroded or dusty before installing your insulation underfloor.

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Our underfloor insulation products.

  • Mammoth polyester R1.5 staple-in underfloor blanket
  • Mammoth polyester R1.8 staple-in underfloor blanket
  • Mammoth polyester R1.9 self-supporting underfloor sections
  • Moisture barrier polythene sheet .25mm
  • Underfloor foil-removal service

For more information on Mammoth underfloor insulation click here.

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Finance & Funding

Save while you pay for underfloor insulation. Insulation is recognised as an important component of a healthy home and it lowers your heating costs. We have a range of financial options to make retrofitting underfloor insulation affordable now.

  • EECA Homeowner Insulation Grants
  • ANZ 1% p.a. for 3 years up to $80,000
  • Westpac Warm Up Loans
  • Mortgage Top-Ups for energy efficiency products
  • Q Card Finance
  • ASB Better Homes Loan
  • BNZ Green Home Loan Top-Ups

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Fast and efficient service from the quote to the installation.

Michelle, Whakatane

The sales person knew the information but there was no pressure. The installer was excellent and did a careful and tidy job and was very helpful with explaining the operation.

David, Tauranga

Cost was significantly cheaper than competition due to insulation subsidy. A thorough initial professional quote, good communication, punctual install team.

Ross, Christchurch

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