Heat Pump Running Costs.

People are often concerned about the impact of heat pumps on their power bill but they're surprisingly efficient. We help make it easy to work out what is best for your home and wallet.

Factors affecting heat pump running costs.

When choosing a new heat pump it is important to make sure it is the right size and the most efficient for your home.

Heating costs are based on EECA's Rightware tool - so why not try their calculator? Simply customise the hours you would use the heat pump per day to see the impact on your annual heating running cost. The Rightware list contains single room heat pumps only. The actual running cost is dependent on many factors including:

  • If the unit has been sized correctly for the room.
  • If the unit has been positioned correctly in relation to location of windows and doors.
  • The level of insulation in the property.
  • The number of windows and type of glazing.
  • The inside and outside temperature - as this impacts the efficiency of the heat pump.
  • If the heat pump is used continuously or intermittently.
  • Installation and positioning of the outdoor unit.
  • Humidity level.

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Heat pump running cost calculations.

  • Heating running costs are based on EECA's Rightware tool using their calculator. A heat pump produces 4kW of heat for each 1kW of electricity.
  • The Rightware annual running cost (heating) for heat pumps and air conditioners is calculated using the following equation:
    • Annual running cost (heating) = heat input (kWh) x electricity cost ($/kWh) x running hours per day x 180 (days) x 0.66.
  • This calculation doesn't take into account standby power and assumes the heat pump will not run at full capacity all the time (0.66). It also assumes the heat pump is used for the same amount of time each day over 180 days.
  • The calculation also assumes that the outside temperature is 7ºC.
  • Annual running costs are calculated using an estimated electricity price of $0.25/kWh and are based on energy use assumptions, and product testing results undertaken in test environments.