Heat Pump Running Costs.

People are often concerned about the impact of heat pumps on their power bill but they're surprisingly efficient. We help make it easy to work out what is best for your home and wallet.

Winter Heat Pump Running Costs

Winter heat pump running costs depend on a number of factors - some are to do with the size and state of your home, some to do with the efficiency of the model you buy and others to do with geography and the way you use your heat pump.
The running cost estimates beow are from the Gen Less Running Cost Calculator assuming a 4-star heat pump, an electricity cost of 26c per kWh for 6 months of the year. Anything on the table under $183 means it costs less than $1 per day.

6 month heat pump heating costs

Heat Pump Output6 months x 3 Hours/Day6 months x 6 Hours/day6 months x 9 Hours/Day
2.5 kW$54.99$109.98$164.97
3.5 kW$76.99$153.97$230.96
4.5 kW$98.98$197.97$296.95

Source: Gen Less's Running Cost Calculator. More specific running costs for individual models can be found at the Gen Less Rightware Tool. These figures are estimates only.

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Factors affecting heat pump running costs.

The actual running costs of a heat pump in your home is highly individual as it's dependent on many factors including:

  • The size of the room and as a consequence the heating output in kilowatts required of your heat pump.
  • The number of hours you run the heat pump.
  • The star rating of the model you choose - how much energy input is required.
  • The level of home insulation you have which influences the running time of the heat pump.
  • Your power company and the cost you pay for your electricity.
  • The number of windows and type of glazing.
  • Orientation of the house (north/south facing)
  • The average outside temperature in your region.
  • If the unit has been sized correctly for the room.
  • If the unit has been positioned correctly in relation to location of windows and doors.
  • Regular cleaning of filters.
  • Preferred indoor temperatures.
  • If the heat pump is used continuously or intermittently.
  • Installation and positioning of the outdoor unit.
  • Humidity level.